Food for All


Because wetland soils are so unique and rich they provide habitat, food, shelter, and nurseries for many birds, mammals, fish and shellfish. In addition, approximately half of the organic matter produced in marshes is transported downstream to the estuary or the sea, as detritus, and forms the base of the food chain. As wetlands diminish in size, birds, fish and mammals that depend on them for food are also declining.



Commercially important products harvested from wetlands include fish, shellfish, cranberries, timber, and wild rice, as well as some medicines derived from wetland soils and plants. Fish & shellfish species that are dependent on wetlands for food or habitat, comprise more than 75% of the commercial, and 90% of the recreational harvest of these creatures. According to the EPA, the U.S. commercial fisheries harvest is valued at more than $2 billion annually, and is the basis for a $26.8 billion fishery processing and sales industry - clearly an asset that we can't afford to lose!



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